Where to Find the Best Women’s Rehab Program in Massachusetts

Nov 25, 2021 | Addiction Treatment

Men and women struggle with addiction differently as each may face unique issues specific to their gender. Women are more likely to have co-occurring mental issues like depression, eating disorders, or past experiences with men. These conditions can make it difficult to concentrate on their recovery in a co-ed treatment environment. Finding a women’s rehab program can give women the help they need to break free from addiction in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Chapters Recovery Center, our women’s rehab program near North Shore, Massachusetts can help you regain control of your life and maintain your sobriety. Our women’s addiction treatment program will help you focus on your addiction and what is causing it, giving you powerful coping skills to help with triggers and cravings. If you or a friend are struggling with addiction, call [Direct] today to speak with our friendly staff about our women’s rehab program in Massachusetts.

Finding the Best Women’s Addiction Treatment For You

Finding the best women’s addiction treatment program can help you form healthy coping skills that you will use to manage your cravings. Have you have previously tried to quit substance abuse through other co-ed treatment centers and failed? If so, it could be due to your addiction stemming from a past or recent traumatic event involving men. In this case, a co-ed environment will hinder instead of help.

Some common issues women face that can lead to addiction include:

  • Depression and anxiety due to social, parental, and peer pressure
  • Sexual trauma
  • Domestic abuse
  • Low self-esteem
  • Emotional or verbal abuse

A women’s addiction treatment program offers a safe space where you and your therapist will begin to uncover the reasons behind your addiction. Your treatment program may also include group therapy where you and other women will open up and discuss your addiction away in a safe environment.

At Chapters Recovery, we will evaluate your condition and talk with you about your addiction. In addition, we will form a custom addiction treatment program that will have a significant impact on your addiction. Our women’s rehab program can give you the help you need for long-lasting recovery.

Benefits of a Women’s Rehab Program Near North Shore, Mass

There are clear differences between men and women regarding addiction and forming an effective treatment program. The social and personal issues men and women face may create an uncomfortable environment in a co-ed therapy program. Having a women’s addiction treatment program could be vital for succeeding in addiction recovery for women.

When you enroll in a women’s rehab program, you will experience benefits such as:

  • Having a safe space surrounded by women where you can freely open up about your addiction
  • Discovering the reasons behind your addiction and learning to cope with the feelings and emotions it brings up in a healthy way
  • Focusing on women-specific issues that are difficult to talk about with men around
  • Building lifelong relationships with the other women in your group to form a powerful support group for your sober journey

Begin Treatment at Chapters Recovery Center

At Chapters Recovery Center near North Shore, Massachusetts, we offer a range of addiction treatment programs for women in our modern and comfortable facility. If necessary, we can refer you to a detox program through a trusted partner. However, your addiction treatment program is based on our initial evaluation and may include:

  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Outpatient program
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

Our certified therapists are experienced in all forms of addiction treatment. We will work every step of the way to maintain your sobriety. Call [Direct] today to learn more about our women’s rehab program when you are ready to begin taking control of your life back from addiction.

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