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It’s time to begin a new chapter in your life. To learn about the addiction treatment options available, call Chapters Recovery Center today or contact us by using our convenient form below.

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Chapters Recovery Center

85 Constitution Ln
Suite 200A
Danvers, MA

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There’s no need to wait any longer to get the help you need. You deserve to live a life that is free from the disease of addiction. Now is the time to seek wholeness and healing here at our Massachusetts substance abuse rehab facility. We are waiting for your call!

When it comes to addiction recovery, no one should go through it alone. Recovery comes with many challenges and obstacles. But, with the right resources, those who suffer from substance abuse can find freedom and healing. Thankfully, we offer such resources here at Chapters Recovery Center.

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contact chapters recovery center The road to recovery is a worthwhile one. It’s important to have the right support system by your side as you work toward your freedom from addiction. This is why you should choose Chapters Recovery Center.

Located in Danvers, Massachusetts, Chapters Recovery Center stands as a beacon of hope to those suffering from substance abuse. We are committed to creating an atmosphere where people can overcome their struggles with addiction. Our team of addiction treatment professionals is dedicated to the overall well-being of each person who comes to us for help.

Your needs are our priorities; your health is our mission. We are here to help you overcome substance abuse and become equipped for a life of sobriety.

What We Offer

Our Massachusetts addiction treatment facility provides our clients with a safe place to end addiction. We know that the challenges of recovery can be overwhelming at times. That’s why we work with our clients, making sure they have all the resources they need to comfortably work through this process.

We offer an outpatient treatment program that can help people end substance misuse and prepare them for the next steps in their journey. Our medication-assisted treatment program enables individuals to safely discontinue their alcohol or drug use.