At Chapters Recovery Center in Danvers, Massachusetts we’re committed to helping our clients achieve long-term sobriety. We utilize the structure of the 12-step recovery found in Alcoholic Anonymous: The Big Book. We believe this accountability and support allow our clients to recognize, address, and ultimately defeat addiction.

When you come to Chapters Recovery Center, we treat all clients with the most respect possible. We recognize that substance abuse is an illness that requires individualized care and support in order to heal. Therefore, we provide this care and support with compassion and dignity, without looking down on or disparaging our clients. We believe that our clients aren’t defined by what they’ve done in the past but the steps they use to change their future. Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life in recovery with New England addiction treatment programs? If so, please contact Chapters Recovery Center today.

About Chapters Recovery Center in Danvers, Massachusetts

Chapters Recovery Center is an addiction treatment center located in Danvers, near North Shore, Massachusetts. We are situated ideally to treat clients from around New England. When clients come to Chapters, we commit ourselves to assist with each of their needs in recovery. We also ensure that they have assistance and support to work through any underlying issues surrounding addiction, such as:

  • Familial relationships
  • Work problems
  • Legal entanglements
  • Health problems
  • Mental health conditions

We can also help the family members of our patients learn how to be supportive in the early days of sobriety and beyond. When you come to Chapters Recovery Center, we will help you achieve sobriety using any means necessary. We know that you had goals and dreams before you became entangled in addiction. We can help you start a new chapter of life as you begin to chase those dreams.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

We offer a wide array of addiction treatment programs with a range of evidence-based therapy options. Each of these can be tailored to the clients’ needs, allowing them to grow and thrive as they recover from their addiction. Our outpatient addiction treatment programs include:

Day Treatment Program

A Day Treatment program offers continuous treatment during the day. However, at night, clients are free to go home and be with their families or take care of their responsibilities. This treatment is ideal for someone who slowly wants to transition back into normal life.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Not everyone can commit to attending treatment around the clock every day. In such cases, and as long as someone has a more mild addiction, intensive outpatient treatment may be an option. During this program, clients attend treatment a few days a week and return home for the rest of the time.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Many times, people require some level of support after they attend an addiction treatment program. Outpatient treatment requires the client to attend treatment a few hours a day, one or two days a week.

Regardless of what level of treatment you need, Chapters Recovery Center is here to help. 

Contact Chapters Recovery Center

At Chapters Recovery Center, we’re committed to our patients’ long-term recoveries. This is why we offer comprehensive substance abuse treatment options that we can tailor to each client’s individual needs. To learn more about Chapters Recovery Center, please contact our admissions team today by using our convenient online form.