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About Chapters Recovery

When you come to Chapters Recovery Center in Danvers, Massachusetts, you’ll find that there are a wide variety of approaches and treatment options available because we know that not every treatment will work for every person. With a range of both holistic and evidence-based treatment options, we work to help heal each client who comes through our doors. We provide individualized treatment options to help our patients, addressing their needs more precisely and efficiently.

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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

At Chapters Recovery Center, our partial hospitalization program allows those who need structure and support to receive concentrated treatment while fulfilling duties at home or work. PHP offers excellent care and freedom as the client recovers from addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

In cases where the client’s addiction is more mild and manageable, we may suggest attending our intensive outpatient program. In this treatment option, our clients live at home and attend treatment a few days a week, allowing them to continue going to school or work and giving them the chance to meet their familial obligations.

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Outpatient Program (OP)

In many cases, our clients need support as they return to their everyday lives. As a result, we offer outpatient programs, where clients will attend treatment once or twice a week, giving them support as they transition back into everyday life.

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Drug and Alcohol Detox

One of the initial steps of recovery is to remove all substances from the body, a process commonly known as detox. We will work with you to find a detox program that fits your needs, so that you can feel equipped to begin the work of beginning a lifestyle that’s free from addiction.

Outpatient Program (OP)

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many of our clients come to our treatment center suffering from both an addiction and mental health issues. We can provide concurrent treatment for both conditions, giving our clients the tools they need to manage these conditions inside and outside of treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

No matter what type of substance you are struggling with, Chapters Recovery Center has a program that can help. We offer a range of treatment options, which we will tailor to the needs of each client.


Are you ready to begin the next chapter of your life? If so, Chapters Recovery Center is here to help. The admissions process is easy with our caring and capable team members listening carefully to your needs and concerns.