While a Day Treatment program will not provide around-the-clock support like residential treatment, it gives a comparable level of accountability and structure. Patients have a certain level of freedom and flexibility but, it’s important to remember this is the most intensive form of outpatient care provided at Chapters Recovery Center.

When our patients enroll in our Day Treatment programs in Massachusetts at Chapters Recovery Center, they’ll be able to find a full range of on-site therapy for addiction and mental health disorders. That’s because this type of care offers additional support for psychiatric issues as well as substance use disorders.

What to Expect in Our Day Treatment Program

No matter what form of care our patients enroll in, they will spend most of their time in one or more of our therapy options. Many of our clients will spend about 8 hours a day attending therapy with mental health counselors as well as other educational classes to help prevent relapse. However, because we know that every patient is unique, we take the time to tailor each person’s therapeutic program to their needs. 

Through our therapy options, our patients utilize strategies to control their triggers and cravings, which could lead to relapse. We offer a range of evidence-based managed care plans, all of which center around The Big Book of AA.

Your individual therapy model may also include:

Through these options, patients begin to learn about the underlying causes of their addiction. Once they understand the factors that led them to begin using substances, we’ll help them begin to develop coping mechanisms to help them avoid relapse.


Who Would Benefit From a Day Treatment Program?

  • People who have completed an inpatient program and need to continue their addiction treatment
  • Individuals who need intensive care for a co-occurring mental illness
  • Those who need more support than less intensive outpatient options may offer 
  • People who have a reliable support system at home and stable housing

Who Would Benefit More From a Day Treatment Program vs Outpatient?

An individual would benefit more from a Day Treatment program in Danvers rather than a standard outpatient program depending on their needs. A Day Treatment program can be viewed as a structured yet effective form of treatment.

The daily schedule centered around Day Treatment programs consists of a variety of therapy and educational sessions. This means you’ll be required to spend the bulk of your days in treatment. This is especially helpful if you need the additional support that a standard outpatient form of care would not provide.

Day Treatment Programs vs. Residential Programs

During a residential treatment program, 100% of the care takes place at the facility. The patients sleep, eat, and undergo all treatment at the facility for the entire duration of the treatment program. Duration of stay is generally 30, 60, or 90 days. As stated previously, during Day Treatment programs in Massachusetts, all of the services take place at the facility, but the patient can return home to their families. If an individual has completed an inpatient treatment program but is still in need of intensive care, it would be ideal to consider a Day Treatment program as the next step.

Benefits Of Day Treatment Programs in Massachusetts

Access To Group And Individual Therapy

During Day Treatment programs in Danvers, MA, the individual will meet with their therapist in a group setting and in individual meetings. At this time, the individual will learn more about their mental health needs, addiction, and coping skills on how to deal with symptoms.

Intense Treatment

Day Treatment programs in Massachusetts are more intensive than traditional outpatient forms of care. The individual will spend more time engaging in various therapies, ensuring the best possible outcome to overcome their addiction. This can even include medication management if needed.

Work With Professionals Daily

The nature of Day Treatment program requirements is being able to be around professionals who can discuss psychiatric disorders and addiction. The advantage of this is having a range of treatment professionals to discuss various topics with. Overall, you will gain comprehensive support based on your unique symptoms.

Highly Effective Outpatient Care

For patients who require intense therapy in managing unique mental health symptoms as well as overcoming addiction, Day Treatment program requirements will work wonders. Day Treatment programs are simply the highest level of outpatient care available.

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Learn More About Our Day Treatment Program

Day Treatment programs can provide adults with a range of addiction treatment help. During this time, you’ll learn more about your addiction, and any possible underlying mental health disorders that might be present. You will also be able to explore the underlying causes of your addiction, such as past trauma.

It’s possible that during this time, you might need help with stress support and triggers. All of the items mentioned above can be effectively managed in Day Treatment programs. At Chapters Recovery Center, we’re committed to providing our patients with the tools they need to succeed. To learn more about how we can support your recovery from substance use, please contact our treatment center today.