Drug And Alcohol Detox Center

In 2019, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimated that over 13% of Americans used an illicit drug, and more than 50% of people drank in the month preceding the survey. Many of those who abuse drugs or alcohol struggle with physical and psychological dependence, especially when someone uses them consistently and in significant amounts. 

When someone is dependent on drugs or alcohol, they’re at higher risk of experiencing withdrawal symptoms when they attempt to stop using them. This can make sobriety seem like a daunting and impossible task. However, there are ways to safely and effectively stop using substances with the help of a medical professional. In such cases, ceasing the use of a substance can be accomplished with the help of a Massachusetts detox center for drugs and alcohol.

At Chapters Recovery Center, we do not offer detox services, but we’re proud to refer individuals with a substance use disorder out to experts in drug or alcohol detox. Once you have completed detox, we can help you take the next steps in the recovery process. To learn more about the addiction treatment programs we provide and which would work best for you, contact our team today by using our online form.

Detox for Drugs in Danvers, MA

When looking for a Danvers detox center, it’s essential to learn more before you choose the program that will help your addiction. After all, drug detox programs could be the first step in getting sober. 

For many people with substance use disorders and their loved ones, that’s a huge deal. Substance use can change a person’s brain and behavior, making it difficult to function normally without using. An excellent drug and alcohol detox program can help a person get back to who they were before addiction.

If you’re looking for a Massachusetts alcohol or drug detox program, reach out to Chapters Recovery Center. While we don’t offer drug detox services, we can direct clients to reputable treatment centers in the area, so you don’t have to worry about finding the proper support.

What Is a Drug Detox Program?

Drug Detox Program Danvers MassachusettsWhen people want to overcome their substance use disorder, the first step after deciding to seek treatment is typically detoxification. Most treatment centers call this step detox. This process can be challenging to go through alone and can even be life-threatening, depending on the type of drug you are using and the severity of the addiction. Typically, we recommend that clients undergo a drug detox program because the alternative (quitting cold turkey) would be too dangerous to attempt.

A professional Danvers detox program can help clients overcome a drug dependency safely and effectively. Many programs will also have medication-assisted treatment (MAT) available for clients that need it to withstand excessive withdrawal discomfort and control intense drug cravings. Inpatient drug detox programs will provide 24-hour nutritional and medical supervision, as well.

Because drug detoxification can also bring about psychological and behavioral symptoms, most drug detox programs will also offer clients access to mental health counseling. Some may even have a full-time mental health care professional as part of the supervising team. Further, many drug detox programs will also end with a recommendation for clients to transition into a drug addiction treatment program in the same or partner facility.

Why Is a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center Necessary?

If someone is using drugs or alcohol heavily, it begins to rewire the structure of their brain, causing it to become used to the substance’s presence. As a result, their body becomes dependent on the drug or alcohol, leading them to need to use the substance to feel normal. When they don’t use drugs or alcohol, they begin to go through a process called withdrawal.

Withdrawal is accompanied by a host of negative physical and psychological symptoms. These symptoms occur because the brain and body are trying to reach a state of homeostasis as substances are removed from the body. This change can result in major fluctuations in the chemicals in the brain in addition to significant amounts of mental and physical symptoms. Some people may have symptoms that can be mildly uncomfortable or even dangerous, which may include delirium or seizures.

Moreover, the symptoms associated with withdrawal are often so uncomfortable that they push a person to use drugs or alcohol to experience relief. This is why it’s best to attend a detox program to mitigate these symptoms and ensure your long-term health. With medication and careful monitoring, drugs or alcohol can be removed from your system without withdrawal symptoms compromising your ability to abstain. 

The Signs and Symptoms of Withdrawal

The symptoms that come with withdrawal can vary in intensity depending on a variety of factors. Some of these factors are genetic and depend on things like age, family history of addiction, or ethnic group. Other factors have to do with the drug itself. If a person has been taking a drug or drinking for a long time, they may experience more severe symptoms of withdrawal. 

Individuals who are dependent on drugs or alcohol might undergo some of the following distressing withdrawal symptoms:

  • Insomnia
  • Seizures
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Racing pulse
  • Headache
  • Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Delirium, hallucinations, and mental confusion 
  • Mental health symptoms, such as depression or anxiety
  • Fatigue, lethargy, or loss of appetite
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremors, weakness, and slurred speech
  • Agitation, restlessness, or irritability 

It is not always simple to predict which individual will be at the greatest risk for severe withdrawal. The same goes for severe withdrawal complications. However, the likelihood of a person experiencing significant withdrawal will increase with the frequency of drinking or drug use and the average quantity of alcohol or drugs used. Individuals with parallel medical issues, polysubstance use history, or previous episodes of withdrawal may also be at additional risk. 


Benefits of Attending a Drug And Alcohol Detox Center

There are many benefits to attending a Danvers detox center for drugs or alcohol. For instance, withdrawal can be incredibly challenging and may be dangerous at times. This is especially true for someone who hasn’t been through detox before. 

If you’re considering going through the process, we recommend that you seek an expert’s guidance. If the withdrawal symptoms get too severe, while in a detox setting, a trained medical team can help mitigate those symptoms. Other benefits of medical detox include:

  • Healing from drugs or alcohol in a safe environment: At home, there can be a lot of distractions and chaos. You may even be living in an environment where drugs and alcohol are present. Massachusetts detox center will offer you the ability to heal in a safe and sober environment.
  • Receiving medical supervision while detoxing: Removing all of the toxins from your body is essential before you start an addiction treatment program. When you stop taking drugs or alcohol after developing a dependence, intense withdrawal symptoms will make addiction treatment difficult to engage in. After detox, you will be ready to begin treatment sober.
  • Learning about addiction: Many Massachusetts detox programs teach you about your addiction. Overcoming addiction requires that you know how addiction affects your body and brain and how stopping can restore the balance between the two. 
  • Getting the support you need: Detox may come before addiction treatment programs, but it is still a part of the levels of care associated with substance abuse treatment. Patients undergoing detox for drugs or alcohol will also receive mental health counseling if necessary. 

Additional Benefits of Detox for Drugs and Alcohol

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, a substance abuse treatment center can provide a safe and comfortable setting where residents can recover in peace. Professionals monitor vital signs and administer medication to manage the worst of the symptoms. The end goal of detox is to be as safe as possible, but certain substances require more intense detox processes. As a result, it’s best to find a detox program that is tailored to the substance you’re trying to recover from. For instance, we recommend getting detox services for conditions such as:

To learn about the detox programs we refer our patients to, please contact us here at Chapters Recovery Center today online.

Looking for an Alcohol or Drug Detox in Danvers, MA?

Drug Detox Programs in New EnglandIf you are wondering whether or not there are Danvers detox centers or not, the answer is yes. There are many drug detox programs in Danvers. However, not all of them will provide the proper support. Therefore, you may want to speak to us at Chapters Recovery Center, before you make the decision. We can direct you to a detox program in your area and provide insight into the qualities you should seek before attending the program.

After Drug Detox, What’s the Next Step?

After completing detoxification, it may not be easy to maintain sobriety. you may be tempted to return to old habits and a well-worn lifestyle of substance use. To continue on the path to recovery, many clients will get admitted into a drug addiction treatment program. They may require inpatient or outpatient treatment based on their needs and the recommendations of their drug detox program. 

Inpatient treatment programs will have clients live within the facility providing care. Outpatient programs will require clients to go to a health care center regularly. However, they will live in their homes through the course of treatment. The latter is typically better for clients with mild addictions that don’t want to disrupt their daily work or school routine. 

Through these treatment programs, patients receive the tools that they need to remain sober outside of a treatment program. Both inpatient and outpatient care have 24-hour nutritional and medical supervision. Plus, a structured schedule that includes other forms of care, such as group counseling or cognitive-behavioral therapy. Many addiction treatment programs also include a wide range of addiction therapy programs. These programs can be extensive and may include:

Danvers Detox Massachusetts

At Chapters Recovery Center, we’re committed to helping our patients begin the next chapter of their lives. We’ve tailored each of our programs to the needs of our clients, ensuring their long-term recovery. 

Once you have finished our Danvers detox program, it is vital to seek the best possible treatment. We’re committed to providing this treatment. We offer a range of treatment options, including:

If you’re ready to put an end to your alcohol addiction, we want to help. Call Chapters Recovery Center for more information about our Danvers detox programs for alcohol or drugs.